Engineering ServicesEngineering Services

The Engineering staff at Pelco can help with part design as well as injection mold design. Take advantage of our years of experience and variety of plastic injection mold types to get the most out of your project. Material selection and coatings can play a big part in the performance and durability of a plastic injection mold. Small changes in part design can also create big saving in injection mold costs or eliminate trouble areas that may require extra maintenance and care.

Plastic injection mold maintenance is a big factor in the design of a Pelco mold. Many injection molders appreciate the ability to remove mold components from the parting line for cleaning or replacement. Grease fittings are incorporated in areas requiring daily maintenance. Quick connect fittings recessed in the mold base allow for quick change outs while protecting the fittings. Pry bar slots and mold straps with provisions to latch over plates are also maintenance friendly items that can be overlooked in a quote request or design review but make the task of mold maintenance a little less cumbersome.

When your existing injection molds have run their course and are approaching replacement time, the engineers at Pelco can review that existing design and suggest improvements or create electronic drawings from the old blue prints. Injection mold components can also be reversed engineered and documented for those old or inherited molds that lack up to date documentation.

Pelco primarily uses Pro-E for design but we also have Solidworks, Autocad, and Cad Key to read and create all the common file types.