For thin wall packaging applications with in mold labeling, Pelco Tool and Mold Inc. has a cooperation with Brink Group, our strategic partner out of The Netherlands. Systems are designed and produced by Brink, and service in North America is provided by Pelco.

Founded in 1963 The Brink Group has been manufacturing exclusively for the packaging industry high-quality fast-running injection moulds and since 1977 also technology driven automated systems. With offices and manufacturing centrally located in The Netherlands and joint ventures in South-Africa, Middle East and Russia, Brink sells through a comprehensive channel of customers to more than 72 countries worldwide. Exclusively for the packaging industry we produce the highest quality, fast-running injection moulds for buckets, pots, cups and lids. We have a broad experience in the food, paint- and chemical industry and flowerpots. Brink designs, builds and supplies customized IML systems. This means that our systems are particularly suited for continuous production. Valuable time is saved with each cycle. With our turn-key solutions you will be able to test, optimize and accept complete operational production.

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